Thursday, September 27, 2007

ServLife will present a free concert for the city of Indianapolis on Wed. Oct 3, 2007 at the Gene B. Click Junior Achievement Education Center. The featured band is The Robbie Seay Band (Sparrow Records). RSB will be performing with opening musician, Brandon Heath. Go to the link to download 2 free songs from Robbie Seay Band.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

kids these days

Usually the phrase "kids these days" is said with a sad shake of the head and with the understanding that kids are spoiled, selfish, and just not as good as we were.
A new friend recently told me that "kids" have been at the forefront of all vital change and the leaders of civil rights movements that have impacted the fabric of our society. I got to meet some of those kind of "kids" today.
Four officers of Westfield High's Amnesty International club hosted a junior/senior assembly to bring attention to the genocide in Darfur. Cameron Welch, a junior at Broadripple High, and Ally Denton, a senior at Lawrence Central took time away from school this morning to speak at this assembly. Cameron and Ally shared why they care about the people in Darfur and what they are doing to be a voice for the voiceless. They are both a vital part of the Save Darfur Coalition of Indianapolis. Cameron, 16 yrs. old, is planning a 50 band, 3 day festival in July 2008, out on his uncle's 300 acres in Franklin. Ally is starting a Save Darfur club at her school today at the local Starbucks. I wasn't even sofisticated enough to drink coffee at that age!
I'm so motivated by youth today. Our October 14th Torch Relay is going to be mostly attended by high school and college students. They are ready and willing to make change happen.
Maybe we should be saying "adults these days".

Monday, September 17, 2007


Summer Fun

This summer has been very fun and relaxing. I'm a sucker for the great outdoors, so any time the weather was reasonable we were outside. Our favorite place to go is Holliday Park, off of Springmill Road. The playground has something for all of us, and there are great hiking trails that lead down to the White River. Yes, I let my kids splash around in the dirty, polluted water. After all, those are some of my fondest memories from my childhood. Perhaps the water was cleaner then.
Here are some pictures for some of our adventures.