Friday, May 16, 2008

The Runner

This morning I joined moms from the MOPS group for a last hoorah of the year. I was already tired from my strength and endurance class at the YMCA. This meet and mingle at the park turned out to be round two of strength, endurance, and patience!
I'm starting to realize I am the only mom I see who is constantly sprinting after her child. I'm not exaggerating...people comment on how fast he takes off and how determined he is NOT to respond to my hollaring. He sprints into parking lots, out of buildings (mind you, people see him coming and open the door for him...gee thanks people!) I always yell "Spencer STOP!" for the benefit of all those looking at me. But, I know that yelling 'stop' will do nothing. He will run, and I will chase. Poor Maegan has been left standing vunerable in many a venue while I do all this chasing. So, this wears me out. But, I have a really hard time getting mad at him because he is laughing and smiling so sweetly as he runs away. When I catch him he says "sorry mommy I run." We didn't stay very long at the park.
I'm entering a Sprint Triatholon this summer to put all this training to use :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

I've done your research

So, I'm reminding you to vote. Now you say, "Carol, I don't know who to vote for, so I shouldn't bother". All right then, I've done your research for you and you should cast your vote for David Orentlichter. You don't even have to know how to say his name, just recognize it on the ballot form. Why should you vote for him? Well, he refuses to take money from special interests groups. Change can't happen when politicians get money from oil companies, auto makers and health insurance companies. David O. has already divested his money from companies supporting the Sudanese government and he helped passed the Indiana divestment bill (you know I like that!)
He has been a doctor to those with no insurance and he has passed excellent bills protecting children from abuse. Do I need to go on?
Ok, so if you must vote Republican, then your only choice is John Elrod.
I attended the congressional debate last week and this is what my research has turned up.
So now, GO VOTE!!!!

Blog Auction: Great Stuff, Great Reason

Andrea Moberly's brother Brian does campus ministry in Rome. As we know the fall of the dollar is creating difficult times for those who had already raised funds to work abroad, but now their budgets are hurting.
So, Andrea is supporting her brother by having a live auction on her blog. Andrea is a crafty lady who is great with knitting needles. There are also a few pieces of art by Nicole Krajewski, and some music cds by local musicians, and a photo session with Brandy Cunningham! To read more about her brother click here.