Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I heard a guy talking on the radio about the difference between spiritual and physical hunger. When we are physically hungry we eat and are satified. The hunger goes away and we stop eating. (I won't go into how most of us really don't know physical hunger, and we eat despite being hungry.) Continue radio guy's talk...When we are spiritually hungry we feed on God's Word and that causes us to get hungry for more. Most of the time when we don't feed on God's Word we lose our appetite. The lack of "food" actually causes us to avoid the life food we desperately need. So, sometimes force feeding needs to take place. You know, I think I've heard that people who have gone without food for a long time actually stop feeling hungry. They get sick though. I get sick when I go without God's Word. I think people get sick of me too. (Ask Doug, poor guy).
Recently, on a retreat, I believe God told me...go after self-control and discipline. Normally I pray for patience, passion, love, selflessness. It was a very matter of fact time with God. It was like He said, yes, I know you love me and are passionate for things I'm passionate about. Now, how about that self-control and discipline.
You know, when I spend time with God I'm happy. After I eat a healthy meal, I feel great and have no regrets. When I work out, I enjoy it and know I've done a good thing. But, man do I try to not do those things. Wierd.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Carry the Torch for Darfur

Please mark October 14th on your calendar. Dream for Darfur, STAND, and Save Darfur are working together to bring attention to China's role in the Sudanese genocide. There is a torch relay that has already begun just outside Darfur on August 8th. The torch relay will begin in the US on September 9th in New York City and end in Washington DC in December. Our torch event is Sunday, October 14th. We are still working on getting a location.
Don't be dismayed and think "there is nothing we can do". China is hosting the Olympics next year and they want to be be good hosts that are promoting peace around the world. This relay is meant to put the spotlight on China and get them to influence Sudan. They can and I believe they will.
The UN and the US have authorized peacekeepers to help protect the people in Darfur. However, the Sudanese gov't only wants other African peacekeepers in their country and that number is very limited. They need protection now! And, the rebels/gov't groups are destorying lives in Chad and the Central African Republic because there is no protection at the borders.
Please visit Mia Farrow's website to read her travel journal and see pictures.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

confession of a mindless driver

THURSDAY, June 29 (HealthDay News) -- Maneuvering through traffic while talking on the phone increases the likelihood of an accident five-fold and is actually more dangerous than driving drunk, U.S. researchers report.
That finding held true whether the driver was holding a cell phone or using a hands-free device, the researchers noted

Dear Friends, I am going to try my hardest not to talk on my cell phone while driving from this point on. The car was my best place to return and make calls. The kids are quiet and restrained. However I've had a few close calls while driving and talking...hence the confession. (Parents, perhaps you should stop reading now.)
Last week I was talking to my friend Milissa about Maegan's recent medical tests. Due to the topic my mind was a little absorbed. So, at 56th and Georgetown I stopped at the red light and then proceeded to run the red light. Obviously, we made it through that mistake all right.
Saturday evening I was talking to my friend Alison about Maegan's recent medical tests. Once again, I was a little distracted. First evidence, I went way out of my way to get to Christina's house. Then at 86th street I started to run a red light, stopped, backed up, moved forward and almost hit a pedestrian who stood in amazement at my lack of attention. So, I can't do it. You all may be wonderful at multi-tasking....but that's what I thought.
So, I'm going to try driving while drinking Fat Tire instead of making phone calls from now on :)