Saturday, August 15, 2009

First day of School

Maegan started the 1st grade at Crooked Creek this past Wednesday. I actually put my precious, innocent, little girl onto a bus! I really almost had a nervous breakdown.
She had a great time her first week. She is definitely trying to sort out people and how things work. She has noted that her class isn't really like a classroom. She said it's not organized and there is too much stuff. When asked by her teacher what she wanted to learn this year..."how to clean her room". I think I've been harping on about cleaning and organizing lately. She did learn this week that everyone has a "bucket". You can fill people's bucket by being kind. If you aren't kind you will empty there bucket. Today Maegan accused Spencer of "emptying Daddy's bucket."
Here are a few pictures of heading off to school. Maegan cut her hair last week. Hopefully her bangs will grow out before picture day!