Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sweet prayers

I have to share tonight's bedtime prayers. Here is Maegan's:
"Dear God, please help Graham to come out safely and help mommy not to be too sore when he comes out. Please help mom get better fast so she can do the things she needs to do. Help Spencer and I to be more helpful and learn to clean our rooms. Amen."
Spencer's prayer:
"Dear God, thank you for my football, help me not to crack my head, help me not to get a stick in my eye, and help Luke (Smith) not to poke his eye with a stick. Amen."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back Porch

I'm sitting on our screened in back porch and life couldn't be better! I'm enjoying the nice breeze while swinging in the hammock chair. The kids are playing in the backyard with the 'rolly pollies" (sp?) they found on the bottom of a brick. They've been busy digging up dirt (from my landscaping :) to make a good habitat for the little critters. Spencer has been beating up the cheetahs that threaten Maegan's safety. Bunny rabbits are chasing each other and the birds are wrestling around in the brush finding stuff for their nests.
I love our backyard. It's quiet, wild (we had a fox run through one night), and a great place to explore. And again, the best part in that I can watch all the fun from this great hammock chair.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Artist's Impressions

It's been awhile since I've posted Maegan's art. She spends several hours a day drawing, coloring, cutting and taping. She makes purses, jewelry boxes, notebooks, and paper dolls complete with interchangeable outfits. I just have to put up with the paper that she leaves all over the house. Yesterday she made a holder for her Pokemon cards that had 11 compartments so she could sort them by their "power". No, Pokemon isn't something we've encouraged, but it is a way for her to play with the boys at school. I think it's helped her math because she has to figure out what numbers are greater than others.
I'm posting the "pink" picture because it gives insight into Maegan's current attitude that Doug and I are trying to rule her life and that she never gets to have her way. Yes, that is me and Doug with our kids in cages, complete with locks. Can you imagine if a child psychologist analyzed this picture!
I included a happy picture of us too and some horses.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Watch out for big momma!

The count down is on...I have about 5 weeks to go. In the meantime pray for my family. One moment I'm content and pleased as a pickle....moments later I can snap. The snap usually happens because I get overwhelmed in a moments notice. I don't even recognized when it's coming. I will be vulnerable and share one episode. Today Spencer and I were happily planting flowers. He really was being a great help, despite getting us both dirty. Then I needed to go in a make my really messy kitchen. The kitchen is a combination of last night dinner, Doug's painting supplies, and random other things. Next thing you know I'm screaming I can't take this mess and I sweep a pile of mess forcefully to the floor. It's still there too. Doug walked in w/o comment and starting putting painting supplies away. Thankfully in these moments he doesn't say anything to point out my irrational behavior. One very smart cookie!