Wednesday, November 26, 2008


4 tv shows i love to watch:1. Survivor 2. Biggest Loser 3. Chuck 4. The Office

4 of my favorite restaurants: 1. Mama Corolla's 2. Binkley's 3.Outback 4. Panera :)

4 things that happened today: 1. Spencer threw up on me 2. washed raw poultry for tomorrow 3. cleaned all the moldy, smelly stuff from the frig 4. tried to clean Spencer's pee from Maegan's carpet (he did it on purpose).

4 things i'm looking forward to: 1. going to Fogo with the Ashleys 2. Christmas 3. Florida 4. Jesus' return

4 things on my "wish"/hope list: 1. that Maegan's eye condition would be healed 2. that my children would grow up knowing God and delighting in His presence 3. that our home would be a place of peace and love 4. that the baby in my belly would be healthy and come easily :) said wish.

4 people i'm tagging: 1. loree 2. alison 3. kari 4. amy a.

Monday, November 17, 2008

advent conspiracy

I've been concerned with the dismal forecast for Christmas this year. I've seen numerous reports on the news that this is going to be the "worst Christmas in years." Stop and think about the stupidity of that comment. How can someone decide this is going to be the worst Christmas? What is their measure? Of course we know this is from the retail perspective, but we often adopt that perspective as ours.
I'm most looking forward to telling the Christmas story to Maegan and Spencer often and in many ways. I'm looking forward to singing about the AMAZING reality that God came to Earth in flesh and endured this world, then sacrificed Himself for our sins. Don't let it pass you by. Make this a season of meditation, prayer, worship, and spreading the Good News.
Check out the Advent Conspiracy video below. If you attend Common Ground your outlet for giving can be the "redistribute" campaign.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Creative Liberty

Doug and I met with Mrs. H this week for Maegan's parent/teacher conference. It was nice to hear that she is doing well in school. Maegan is starting to pick up some words and read some very basic books that are sent home from school. Her strong point is art. She really is great at drawing pictures and her details are amazing. At home she draws "toys" and plays with them. For example, she drew, colored and cut out an entire tea set. Then she played with the paper tea set over the next week. She has also made a paint sprayer, glasses, and cars for Spencer.
So, at the conference Mrs. H said, "You guys must give her lots of freedom to create at home." I said, "Oh yes, she has constant access to markers, crayons, scissors, and paper."
Well, that afternoon you can see what this creative freedom led to...Spencer getting his face painted like an Indian. The markers were taken out of her room.
The pink marker didn't come off for a day, so Spencer looked like he had a bad sunburn.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In all Things, With Thanksgiving

Right after raising my voice for the umpteenth time today it hit me. I'm ungrateful. This is how God speaks. Well, He speaks in many ways....but I often hear Him like this. Something just pops in my head, and it is true to God's Word. I'm ungrateful. It's good to have it diagnosed.
I've been dragging around for the last several weeks complaining about the never ending mess in our house. Doug has endured my ranting.."I spend all day just walking around cleaning up and in five minutes it's all gone to pot!" Doug has patiently listened as I declare I'm done dealing with little people who don't listen and do something naughty every time I leave their sight. I lose my patience when I've tried very hard to get them settled for rest time and then they disturb my rest every 10 minutes.
This enlightenment of my ungratefulness comes after reading several blogs written by men who have lost their young wives to cancer. Reading about the hundreds of people who prayed that God would give these women just a little more time with the husbands, children, and friends.
I have these days that others have prayed for. I'm squandering them on complaining and impatience. I pray God would give me fresh perspective and wisdom. I need different expectations.
Let me end by expressing much gratitude for 8 wonderful years with Doug. Today is our anniversary! He gives me nothing to complain about, and so very much to celebrate! And, in Doug's wisdom he has never told me I'm ungrateful...he leaves that communication up to God. Doug just loves me and does everything possible to make me glad :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ballot Question #1 Marion County

If you are like me, sometimes you have no idea to answer some of the ballot questions.
Doug is works in property tax appeals, with guru Henry Hamilton. So, he gave me the answer to:
"Should the assessing duties of the elected township assessor in the township be transferred to the county assessor?"
Answer: Yes
Doug said that the county assessors have the software and the evaluative programs to do this job the most consistantly. It would hurt the system to transfer the duties to another department.
I've seen signs that say, "for lower taxes vote no to question #1"....who wouldn't vote 'no'. But, the answer is 'yes'.