Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trip to Lucky Farms

Maegan's kindergarten co-op went to visit Lucky Farms on Tuesday. They got to groom the horses and take a ride. Spencer and I showed up an hour early to watch and Spencer scored a ride as well. Maegan wasn't too happy that he had a turn. She hasn't been enjoying Spencer much these days (to put it nicely). This week we've seem to make a turn for the bad. I had been telling everyone how well they played together. Maegan has had lots of melt downs over Spencer breathing on her, looking at her, copying her, etc. I hope the love comes back soon!

Maegan drawing a horse.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Commercial Mom

I remember before I had kids I would see commercials of kids spilling grape juice on the floor and the mom would just smile, shake her head, and clean it up joyfully. I thought, I can't be that mom. Two kids later, and one on the way, and I'm still not that mom. Though, I do wish I could be. I want to be the mom who can laugh in the face of a spill and look at the spill causer with an understanding, gentle smile.
There is a commercial out now of a mom and her son using the beaters. The beaters make a mess and they realish the moment. I need more of that. Why do I get so uptight about little things. If I were in the commerical the dialogue would be: "See, I told you to be careful! Now look at this mess! I would rather do this by myself." That's ugly. That commercial would probably be for Zoloft.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spencer is 3!

Spencer celebrated his 3rd birthday on March 6th. Maegan got him really pumped up for the occasion. Every party theme she suggested he was up for. We had a small family party and the final theme agreed upon was "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." This is their lastest favorite Veggie Tale movie. However, they haven't seen the movie, but have the "sing along" video.
Spencer got a bike (that is bigger than Maegan's), a big wheel, a kite, and a huge Tonka truck that he is running into every wall and piece of furniture.
Spencer has finally figured out that he is three. He was telling everyone he is 5 1/2(Maegan's age).
Spencer is delightful, stubborn, caring, a bad listener, and completely adores his sister. She can be really mean to him sometimes and he responds.."I like you Maegan!" He has been talking a lot about "our baby". He claims he can't wait to share his toys with his little brother Graham (we finally have a name). I have a feeling he might enjoy having someone younger to pick on.