Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(CNN) -- Law enforcement authorities have recovered 52 children and arrested 60 pimps allegedly involved in child prostitution, the FBI announced Monday.

More than 690 people in all were arrested on state and local charges, the FBI stated.

The arrests were made over the past three days as part of a nationwide law enforcement initiative conducted on the federal, state and local levels, the bureau said.

"Child prostitution continues to be a significant problem in our country, as evidenced by the number of children rescued through the continued efforts of our crimes against children task forces," Kevin Perkins, assistant director of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division, said in a written statement.

Don’t think there’s a global problem in your backyard? Think again. It is estimated that 2 children are sold every minute into the sex trade, and it happens right here in the Midwest.

Find out more about this problem and how you can help on November 7. Common Ground Christian Church will once again be hosting “Purchased,” a unique awareness and educational event concerning sex trafficking.

The evening will feature Ten Shekel Shirt with Stasia Demos opening. The event is largely to support Love146, a non-profit committed to abolishing child sex slavery and exploitation ( Local non-profits and organizations supporting the cause will be also represented, including the Julian Center and more. Childcare is available if you register for it here by October 24.

So join us November 7 at 7 p.m. at Common Ground Christian Church, located at 4550 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN and find out how you can participate in the effort to protect, defend, restore, and empower lives.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

basement vacation

So, Doug told me I need to get the flu shot. He said that if I get the flu, Graham would definitely get it. I asked why he didn't need one. Well, he said, if he gets the flu he can retreat to the basement for a week to recover and make sure the kids don't get sick. I replied, desperately, "No! I want to go to the basement for a week!" Then I realized how ridiculous it was that I was basically jealous that he was going to get the flu and get to rest and recover in a separate part of the house.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

pet blessings

I find myself thinking in blog entries. As something happens I'm writing the blog in my head, but then I don't get around to posting it. Now, I have several random blog thoughts but don't know which one to write. A couple of thoughts are a little dark, and some are funny kid stories.
Here is one that might offend. Pet blessings?! Seriously!? I've seen four churches advertising pet blessing ceremonies. What! There must be some kind of holiday for it because everyone is doing now. No really someone tell me what this is all about.
I don't like to confess that I'm not a pet lover. I don't want animals in my house...too much cleaning, plus I'm allergic. I do like cats (except for the couple that have bitten me). Dogs scare me because I don't know what they are thinking. I don't like to be licked or smelled.
I do like giving dogs exercise. I like taking my sister's dog Tessa on walks and watching her frollick in the creek. And Cleanne, if you are reading this, I like watching Zeus to make sure he is not lonely. But, it's always mixed with fear because, again, I'm not sure what he is thinking and he gets all crazy when I try to leave your house (probably a sign of affection?) So, in that case I have Doug do the handling and I make sure he is feed and walked :)
Well, I guess I needed to confess this...whew...I feel better!