Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Doug and I are leaving Saturday for our annual trip to Florida. Even though it's a family trip (read: the lovliness of crazy kids) we somehow get very refreshed. We come home spiritually and physically refreshed and inspired. We spend a lot of time reading books and talking about what God is teaching us. I usually come home with new inspiration and fresh purpose.
I guess you could say I've been preparing by reading Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz." The author was challenged by a friend with the question, "what/who are you willing to die for?" The question was followed with, "what/who are you willing to live for?" His friend suggested that living for something/someone is more difficult than dying for something/something. After some thought, I agreed. Then I thought about, if looking at my life what/who would I say I'm currently living for? These are good questions to ask and on which to reflect. It's easy for me to say I'll die for Christ, others, a good cause. But, when I think about living it out day to day I makes me think of all of myself I really need to forsake, and that stings. I like making myself happy (or at least trying), and I like people to like me while I'm at it :)
(and yeah, the picture is meant to be ironic...I'm reading Joel Vestal's "Dangerous Faith")

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cheer and Other thoughts

Here are a few pictures of Maegan singing at church (rather unethusiastically) and at school (rather joyfully).
The other picture is of a gadget Maegan drew that is a remote control power zapper. She and Spencer have been chasing around the house "stealing our power." The buttons include: a button to immediately put a bad guy in jail if the police take to long getting to the scene, one to make a bunk bed out of ordinary beds (they tried that when I wasn't paying attention), and a couple to use super power soccer skills.
Speaking of power control, Maegan has an issue with our "power" over the household, especially mine. She has declared "you aren't in charge of my life", "you aren't the smartest person in this house", and "you need to leave me alone and let me do whatever I want!" She has also said that one day this house will be hers Doug and I can be the guardians to make sure bad guys stay away. The teenage years aren't looking so good.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jolly Land

We took our annual trip to Jolly Land at the Children's Museum. Maegan is aware that Santa isn't really a guy who comes and brings presents to the house. She has learned that he was created out of the memory of St. Nick, who helped families that had need and did it in secret. Now that I'm thinking about it, the fact that Nicolas did his giving in secret means he probably isn't a fan of a character being made after him. I know many people like for their kids to imagine Santa is real and enjoy the magic of the season. And, I've asked Maegan not to blow it for the other kids (which almost happen yesterday at school).
My Dad always told me the truth about Santa, the easter bunny, etc. He thought it was important that I didn't get confused on what is true. It was important for him to teach me the Bible and know that he (my dad) was always telling the truth. I really appreciate this. Trust me, there was always lots of magic in the season for me. What could be more wonderful than God sending Jesus to live here on Earth, and have to come as a meek, fragile baby!! And don't forget the sky full of angel's singing and celebrating the occasion...that is pretty awesome!
I hope you are enjoying the magic of the season and taking time to ponder God's great love!