Sunday, September 20, 2009

the new shake down

Spencer used to be a truth teller. It served him well because he would confess and it would result in a small lecture and a gentle shake of the finger. He is pretty easy to correct on the whole. However, I think he got tired of our little lectures and decided lying saves time. He has also become handy at using scissors. Now that he has started preschool he practices his scissors skills in advanced ways. Read, he is cutting things he shouldn't. Spencer cut the strap to Doug's new hiking poles. We asked Spencer if he did it and he said, "Oh, that must have been Maegan." Doug had to leave the room because he started to laugh at the serious look on Spencer's face. We continued to ask if he was guilty and he continued to evade the truth. Finally Doug remembered a trick he saw on the "Mentalist." Doug said to Spencer, "Raise your hand if you cut my hiking pole." Spencer threw up his hand without thought and didn't even realize he confessed. Doug and I were thrilled at this new shake down trick. We used it on the kids last night to see who threw their dinner in the trash. Once again, Spencer's hand confessed. Awesome!

(Here are a few pictures of our trip to Cinncy with the Kueblers, Spencer's first day of preschool, and a recent pic of Graham who is cuter each day!)

Kari-2 months pregnant, Carol-2 months post pregnant :)