Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sudden realization of great truth

January 6 marks the day of Epiphany. For Western Christians it's the day to commemorate the day Jesus, the Son of God, was revealed to the Magi gentiles. For Eastern Christians it's the day to remember the day of Jesus' baptism. Regardless of what event you commemorate, both events were God revealing Himself in human flesh. The mystery of Incarnation. I like the definition of epiphany: a sudden realization of great truth. Do you ever have the feeling of awe rush over you when you realize anew how amazing God really is? Epiphany isn't a one time event, but a "take your breath" away occasion that can happen over and over again. I almost have to laugh when I really try and think about the reality of God and how it all blows my mind. We can get so hunkered down into our everyday lives that our lives seem big and maybe overwhelming. But, look up to the sky and think about the galaxies, and the solar systems (yes, that is plural). Think about how scientists keep finding ways to break our cells down into smaller and smaller parts. These scientist have even said something about there being 11 dimensions. Just let it all blow your mind. And this God, who spoke it all into being, came as a helpless baby. Emmanuel. Light breaking through the darness. There is so much more than this.