Thursday, December 9, 2010


At this time of year we are waiting, that is what Advent means. Can I use Advent as a verb (at least just for this blog)? To advent takes purpose, and special effort. You can't hurry and advent at the same time. You can't shop and advent at the same time. We need time to imagine and be silent. God sent Himself in human form and revealed himself to the world. Have you thought about the revelation to the Magi? How did they know about the star, and why were they compelled to go?
There is so much beautiful mystery to Jesus first coming. Take time to think about it.
We look forward to Jesus' return...we are waiting for Him to come again. We say that, but are we really looking, and waiting?
What if I told you that I am looking forward to Jesus coming now, and again. You might be wondering if I'm depressed, or I think this life is just horrible, but it's not. I just have confidence that Jesus' Kingdom is much, much, so much more better than this. There is a lot of beauty for us to see now, who can even imagine what is to come!