Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fall pictures and story telling

Well, in a previous post I told you that Spencer has figured out lying is an easy way out of a lecture. He has gotten more creative. Now, we really can't tell when he's lying except for some of the story plots are a little hard to believe :)
Spencer had a big scratch on his face. I asked him what happened and he said the big, wild cat out back got him. (There is a big, wild cat that lives behind us in the vacant house). As the story progressed, the big 'purple' cat scratched Spencer because he wanted our candy.
The second story involves Zayd Vestal's tooth. Zayd came to our house after school and had lost his first tooth. Zayd left his precious first tooth on our table and then it disappeared. Zayd looked high and low because he had planned to save all his teeth and then turn them in for a large sum of money. After Zayd left Spencer said he swallowed Zayd's tooth. I wasn't sure if I believed him. But Spencer was sure, because the tooth opened his mouth and jumped right in. Well, this folk legend of the tooth has made it's way around Zayd and Maegan's first grade class. Perhaps I need to write a children's book about all these stories!