Monday, February 9, 2009

Lenten Season

I wasn't raised in a church that observed Lent. So, my dad was puzzled when I told him that I was giving up sweets for Lent about 5 years ago. So, even though Lent isn't part of my religious tradition growing up, I think it's an awesome way to purposefully reflect, start new habits of spending time with God, and a great way to prepare my heart to celebrate Easter.
I used to try and experience Easter in one day. It's hard to process Christ's life, death and resurrection all in one church service. And, it had to be all done in the church service because when we get home we dive into the ham, desserts, and fun children's time for quiet reflection :)
Doug and I have also made it a habit to observe Good Friday by either hosting a Good Friday remembrance dinner or getting together with friends to reflect.
All these purposeful things have made this time of year something to look forward to.
This year I've decided that I'm not giving up sweets, but I'm going to join some others doing a synchroblog while following a Lenten guide. So, I'll be doing some posts re: this study. Check out the guide and see if you want to do it too.

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