Thursday, May 26, 2011

inspiration from the kids

Maegan's fellow classmates have joined the campaign to "find" 50 million pennies on behalf of the 50 million women and girls that are missing from India's population.
I'd like to feature a few of the thoughts from Mrs. Abell's class on this blog, and you can see them on IGP's blog (

Malakhi (age 8)
"We can collect pennies to help girls in India by having lemonade stands, findng pennies, asking your mom and dad, doing chores, and selling some things. You can also make things to sell. If you are grown and have a job you can give some of the money you earn. Sell some drawings if you are a great artist. Kids can help to stop girls from disappearing from India. We all can help it doesn't matter how old you are. Please just help! Some pennies is all it takes to stop women from disappearing from India."

Katie F. (age 8)
"We need to help girls in India because in India people aren't caring for the girls. Here is a way to help. Collect food, send medicine, real and tell stories about India to others, and help. These are things that are happening: girls are starving, girls don't always get education, girls are dying. You can help by collecting money. Here are things you can do to get money:
-Get a job -Make jewerly
-Play music -Sing
-Make clothes -Look for money
-Paint -Lemonade stand
-Make wood things -Make food
-Give hair supplies -Do chores
-Do people's hair

People join Mrs. Abell's class in the effort to "find" 50 million pennies for the Invisible Girl Project. Click on the link for IGP to learn more!


Alison said...

Love it! Susan is planning to attend the auction with us. Apparently, Jill is on a board with one of our other neighbors, Tom.

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