Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy new year

Advent begins this Sunday and so starts the church year. Advent builds the anticipation of the light coming into the world, both then, now, and again when Christ returns.
Our family has used the Advent Wreath for the past two years, and it has greatly enriched our Christmas season. Advent is a time to actually try to slow down and meditate on waiting. Using the Advent Wreath can help your family in this endeavor.
Here is a link to the Common Ground Advent worship guide, which contains Advent wreath devotionals and Jesse Tree devotionals.


carol said...

Sorry for the typos! I switched my blog to dynamic view, and now I can't find my dashboard so I can edit or post.

comment maigrir said...

c'est pour bientôt à nouveau ^^

wei wusuo said...

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